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Still life in Pink and Green

  • Do you love food? This work is an elegant ode to the beauty of vegetables and fruits (and a few flowers) in their pure form. It unites a wide range of vegetables and fruits, in a beautiful soft palette of colors. The way the food is displayed here traces back to the opulent food tableaus on still life paintings of the seventeenth century, but food as a subject in art traces back deep in history. This work is an eye catcher and with all details it works very well in one of the bigger sizes. 


    Free shipping for sizes XS / S / M / L


    Available sizes in centimeters

    XS : 30 x 20        S : 60 x 39       M : 90 x 59       

    L : 120 x 78        XL : 150 x 98        XXL : 200 x 130


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