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The end of Oil

In collaboration with Erik Voors I made this beautiful commercial for Greenpeace. We loved to work on the modelmaking, machine building, sfx and the hours of phone calls we had on the concept and art direction. Also watch the making of video!

concept, art direction, sfx, modelmaking, directing:

Rein Janssen & Erik Voors

production: Chuck Studios 

camera: Tom Bakker / Suraj 'Paco' Kumar

gaffer : Joost Meeuwig @ Prima de Lux

sfx assistent: Conor Vella

production assistent: Iris van der Velden

camera making of: Catching Lights

edit : Pim van der Pas @ MRTN Edit Boutique

grading: Tristen Mackenzie @ Chuck Studios

online/compositing: The Compound

music: Peter Sandberg @ Epidemic Sound

copy: Pieter van den Heuvel

sound design: Juan Pablo Thummler @ Wavestudios

voice over: Martin Leitner @ Wavestudios

special thanks to Olaf van Gerwen, Thijs Biersteker,

Loïs van Ruijven and Cor Meijerink

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